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Feeling Like You're At The End of Your Trail?

Feeling Like You're at the End of Your Trail? Think you are just too old, stiff and sore? You don't have to feel that way. Peggy shares an inspirational message just for you!
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Feeling Like You're at the End of Your Trail? Think you are just too old, stiff and sore?

Are you feeling like you're at the end of your trail?
I hope not. I mean, look up, look at what you see all around and that's what we hope that you'll find if you change your thought process a little.

Give yourself more of an opportunity to realize that you're not at the end of your trail. You still have this wide future in front of you.

If you just start to slowly and easily find motion in your life. Try to work a little harder at breathing. Many of us don't even hardly breathe at all. We're so passive that we just breathe into our shoulders. And, and when you breathing 20, 24,000 times a day, that there's no reason to be surprised that you have little rocks for shoulders.
So we're out here at the Willapa national wildlife refuge today. Having a great hike and we saw the sign and thought of it as the perfect opportunity to, to share a little bit with you today on how this is how we felt a few years ago, we were in our fifties and not really sure how it was going to continue for us.
And then our parents and our, and some of our dearest friends, we watched them slowly lose their ability to do the simplest of things. It became very clear that we did not excuse me, that we did not want that for the two of us, or our friends and family that were still with us.
And so we started trying to find different solutions and they are the solutions that have worked for us.
If you've got some things you've been concerned about. Take the time to give us a call, to text us, to email us to... whatever means of communication you have. Pop into the one of the studios and we'll schedule some time to talk to you because it's never too late to try to start taking even the tiniest of steps to try to feel better.
So that's the quick little comment for the right now. So move well, stay healthy. Be happy, live with passion and have a great day..
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